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– the best selection of Sneaker Care & Accessories

SneakiDong – Styling and Fixing your Sneakers!

At SneakiDong.com you are guaranteed to find the best quality of care taking product to your Sneakers, plus the dopest accessories in the game.
We offer you a huge assortment of products for your Trainers, Kicks, Sneakers, Creps or whatever you call the beauties we also known as Shoes.
Sneaker Cleaner, Repellent, all kind of Laces, Shoetrees and more. That is just a small selection of the goodies you always will find in the shop.

Under Sneaker Laces you will find your selection of colorful and natural Ropes and Flat Laces, all in great the length of 125 cm.

If you click at Sneaker Care, you will see our large amount of care taking product in the best quality you can imagine. SneakiDong Sneaker Cleaner Kit, SneakiDong Repellent, Freshener products and so much more, all waiting to treat your footwear the best way possible.

Our Shoetree comes in two sizes. EU 40-44 and 45-48, but it’s no problem if you rocking a EU 39 or a 49 as well.

We offering the fames Yeezy Golden Aglet, as a example of accessories and we’re always expanding the stock when new trends popping.

If you are looking for something special and you do not find it here at SneakiDong.com, please let us know what you need, and we will do our best to let it be a part of our assortment.
Hit us up at Facebook, Instagram or at Contact@SneakiDong.com, we’re always looking forward to hear from you!