SneakiDong Sneaker Cleaner Kit – A Shortcut to perfection

120 ml Superior Cleaner and a Superior Brush
With SneakiDong Sneaker Cleaner kit you got everything you need for a nice and easy sneaker cleaning process. It’s a non-colour, light fruity smelling mixture based on water and some non-toxic chemicals. There will be no harm to you or the environment by using our Cleaner.


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What You See Here, I Simply The Strongest Sneaker Cleaner On The Marked!

SneakiDong Sneaker Cleaner Kit is the perfect solution for everyone who’s looking for the easiest way away from dirty footwear. Everything from Sneakers to classic shoes, is safe as long as you use the Cleaner Kit From SneakiDong!

You just mix the cleaner with some room temperature water. Dip your brush in the mixture and scrub carefully on the surface of your kicks. Use our Superior Microfiber Towel to remove the foam and put aside to dry.
The kit includes a synthetic brush there easily will scrub the dirt right of your sneakers.

What you got here:
1x 120 ml. of SneakiDong Superior Cleaner.
1x Synthetic SneakiDong Superior Brush.
No harm will happen with the environment by this product.
Up to 100 pairs of clean sneakers.

Good to know:
The brush handle is made of wood and will be ruined if you leave it wet too long at the time, so please remember to dry is off after use, and do not leave it in the liquid mixture for a longer periode.

On fragile surfaces like suede and mesh, please be very careful and use the Microfiber Towel more often.
If you swallow the liquid or get any of it in you mouth, drink at least 2 big cups of water or as much as you can.
By eye contact, don’t scrub your eye with our hand. Rinse you eye for 10 minutes with cold clear water.
After use, please wash your hands carefully!
Keep away from kids and animals
Thanks Champ!

1 review for SneakiDong Sneaker Cleaner Kit – A Shortcut to perfection

  1. Lucas Donvild

    if you think Creep or others cleaner kits are good, then you have never tried SnakiDong CLEANER KIT… really really good quality <3

    hvis du tror at Creep eller andre rengørings sæt er gode, så har du aldrig prøvet SnakiDong CLEANER KIT.. rigtig rigtig god kvalitet <3

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