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About us

The story of SneakiDong

My name is Asger and I’m the CEO and founder of SneakiDong.

SneakiDong is a newly established webshop and a Danish fresh breath of air to the booming sneaker industry. We have specialized in all kinds of care and accessories for sneakers – shoes or boots, and we strive for the highest quality and service as possible.

This gives you the best opportunity to spoil your sneakers just in the way you want. No matter if you want to go simple and cool or big and flashy.

asger sneakidong


A true Sneakerhead – as we see it, is a person how knows everything about sneakers and appreciates them. They have an insight in the sneaker world – from the newest sneaker releases on to how they take care of the sneakers. They will take care of the Sneakers, simply because they are precious to them.

We at SneakiDong are sneakerheads at heart and we care about everything – from the sneakers to our fellow-sneakerheads themselves. So this webshop is for you, my friends!

SneakiDong Shoe Tree
Sneakers - Flat laces - White
Ropes – 125 cm , Two tone and colorful grey/dark red

Because we care

SneakiDong’s heart beats for the sneaker industry and our great passion for sneakers has given us an in-depth market knowledge, which is to the benefit for you as a costumer. Our Danish design matches our quality – It’s exclusive and superior. It is also very important to us that we make sure that none of our products are to the harm of the environment or to you.

Therefore we focus on eco-friendly products. Our bottles – for example – are recycled and we are proud to tell you that our shoe trees are made out of second sorting wood, which helps the forest of the world to stick around for a longer time.

The team of SneakiDong

SneakiDong is created by people who know what it takes to take care of footwear in every style and every quality, and we have followed the booming sneaker culture from the very beginning. Because of our insight in the sneaker world, we have the opportunity to provide you with – not only the best quality of protection – but also the newest and hottest accessories for your beloved footwear.

The importance of details

We know how important the details and styling is for a pair of sneakers. Therefore we can provide you with all kinds of cool laces, aglets and so on.

You will find that our product range will be extended continuously. Should it happen that our own experts miss a trend (we are only humans), we encourage you as a costumer to contact us at our e-mail contact@sneakidong.com and tell us of your needs and wishes. Costumers come first and we will never stop seeking to provide you with the best sneaker accessories and care on the market.