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Essentiel Sneaker Care Pack

Use Only The Best

Your Yeezy

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Sneaker Cleaner Kit

- Minimum Chemicals Used

- Perfect Sole Brush

- Effective Dirt Dissolving

- Only Lightly Perfumed


Superior Repellent

- Improved Mixture

- Non-coloured

- Highly Water & Dirt Resistant

- Extended Sneaker Lifetime

– Your preferred supplier of Sneaker care & accessories

It’s not just to brag. We wish to be in the top league of suppliers of sneaker accessories and care online.

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Why choose SneakiDong Here are some of the main reasons:

SneakiDong is a Danish brand with our HQ near the great capital of Copenhagen.
We’re also your number one supplier of Sneaker Care and Accessories in the game.

Your will – our mission

One of the big reasons for you to choose SneakiDong is quite simply that your will is our mission.
And we’re guessing your will tells you to purchase the best products for your sneakers. Well:
Our mission is to serve you with the best service, the greatest assortment and the highest quality you find on the market. We know what you want and we know how much your Sneakers means to you, and that why we can offer you the best of the best and give you just what you need.
No matter what your looking for, for your Sneakers, you will find at SneakiDong.com and if there for some reasom should be missing something in the shop, please hit us up at Contact@SneakiDong.com or find us at Facebook.com/SneakiDong.
Your Sneakers, Kicks, Creps or whatever you call them, deserves the best and only the best so let SneakiDong help you and your footwear to a smarter, cleaner and better protected lifestyle.
You’ll find our huge selection in menu above, so just dig in!

In other words: We know the market, we know our costumers and we know what you want.

So go on and take a closer look at our broad variety of products and seek out your favourites.