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A completely clean sneaker is not only on the outside

Buy a Sneaker Cleaner Kit and a Sneaker Repellent
and we throw in a Free pair of Freshener Balls!

- The inside counts aswell!

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It’s not just to brag. We wish to be in the top league of suppliers of sneaker accessories and care online.

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Your will – our mission

One of the big reasons for you to choose SneakiDong is quite simply that your will is our mission.
And we’re guessing your will tells you to purchase the best products for your sneakers. Well:
Our mission is to offer you the very best products in the field of sneaker accessories and sneaker care as well as a world-class costumer service.
Our in-depth market knowledge and our high-level of expertise lead us to our high quality products.

In other words: We know the market, we know our costumers and we know what you want.

So go on and take a closer look at our broad variety of products and seek out your favourites.